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At Artes de México, we explore, dissect and disseminate the nation’s diverse cultural heritage. And our medium is the written word. For over 30 years, our primary mission has hinged on Artes de México’s celebrated revista-libro, a notable collection of art books in magazine format that examines the most captivating topics within Mexican culture as a living entity and its creative endeavors. This regular publication offers a space where anthropology and esthetics can come together and thrive. It is here where readers can learn about the Mexican people, their customs and why these practices persist, focusing on the most striking and most powerful forms of cultural expression.

The challenge is to go beyond simply defining a Mexican identity—which can be self-serving and limiting—and to be curious about what we, as Mexicans, do and how we do it. Part of our goal is to galvanize the written word—the most effective educational tool—in order to awaken in readers the desire to gain a deeper understanding of Mexico’s often highly elaborate cultures and traditions, in all their puzzling complexities.

In a bid to make our explorations available to a broader audience, we produce another ten collections to reach, for example, children and young adults, and we publish content in other languages, including a number of indigenous languages. We strive to produce publications of the utmost quality in order to present the abundance of forms of artistic expression that we find in Mexico, uniting them with thoughtful reflections and pertinent literary resources, hence our philosophy: “fusing the pleasure of contemplation with the pleasure of comprehension.”

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Editorial Director
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